Our Mission Statement:
To assist mindDog clients to train their dogs to our public access standard using kindness and respect.

The mindDog Trainers Group (mTG) was created to provide clients with a trainer they can trust.


The mindDog Trainers Group follows strict ethical guidelines that a trainer must adhere to:

mindDog trainers will not use aversive methods, instruments or equipment of any kind.
mindDog trainers will only ever use force free and positive reinforcement methods of training.
mindDog trainers will always endeavour to appreciate the particular vulnerabilities of our clients and bring kindness and understanding to all interactions.
mindDog trainers will always be flexible and willing to adapt their training plan to the particular needs of each client.
A mindDog should never be separated from his handler.


Membership is available to any trainers who accept our ethical standard and includes:

Membership benefits

Access to potential clients through a listing in the mindDog trainers’ directory
Bi-annual seminars in each state capital

Support information

Access to the mindDog Trainers’ Facebook forum

Membership cost $55 per annum

To join download the PDF mTG Application and send it to info@minddog.org.au with proof of remittance.

mindDog Trainers Group Application Form